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DNS Brute Force

Posted by neuro

This python program, bfdomain.py, was written to identify valid hosts of a domain that deny zone transfers.
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Posted by cirrus

I've always wondered why Nmap didn't have a DNS brute-forcing script. Some months ago I decided to have a look at the scripting engine, and make one.

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HDD Kicker

Posted by sque

Circuit Overview

Last month I experienced one of the worst but most common feeling of people relying too much on computers. I had a hard disk failure. It started with a few bad sectors and like a cancer, HDD became almost inoperable. I used ddrescue to backup the contents of the disk to another one, but quite often the disk stuck, and every following action resulted only to a new entry at /var/log/messages with "Hardware Failure" KQC. The only solution was to unplug the power from the HDD and replug it, so that ddrescue could continue backing up the disk. After 30 times doing this, I understood that due to the frequency of this hardware failures, it was impossible for me to monitor the system and reset hard disk.


HackAri – HackBar for Safari

Posted by cirrus

I've been using the excellent HackBar add-on for Firefox for some time now.


DirBuster Dictionary Populator

Posted by cirrus

Dirbuster and dirb are in the toolset of all web application security fans. Both tools are excellent (although I prefer dirb due to it being command line and not Java), but their results obviously depends on how good the wordlist you are using is.


Converting an exe file to vbs and back to exe

Posted by cirrus

It is often useful to be able to convert an exe file to a string which will be able to reproduce the exe file. This can be used in a variety of ways (send by email, from an SQL injection, etc.).



Posted by cirrus

Binger is a simple command line URL fetcher using Bing search. Binger uses DOM parsing to find the URL for the entered search string.

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Posted by cirrus

Googler is a simple command line URL fetcher using google search. Googler uses DOM parsing to find the URL for the entered search string.