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Its early morning, I woke up and I crawl to the kitchen. The only thing that comes in my mind is a warm milky coffee! I start making the coffee, and heat up some milk at the microwave oven. I don't know the reason but this would not be an ordinary day for me. Suddenly, the microwave oven does a weird sound, the light starts to flicker and a nasty smell came out of this fucking piece of metal! No warm milky coffee for this day!

The fate was stated leaving me reevaluating my environment. A nice fredo coffee was a good start for this diverted path that I was forced to follow. As I was sitting and drinking my coffee, on the other side of the kitchen, the white box was staring at me. Although it was not looking old, it felt worn out, like an old wounded veteran. It also felt sad and Dead! Death is not nice... and that must change! I said. Following the Hinduism spirit, this soul was ready to be reincarnated.


Later that day, I visited the dead body again. It was still there incapable of doing anything. Although it was handy, it always felt bad bombarding my precious food with tiny little waves of something. This could be improved I thought. I took my nice screw driver and I started the dissection.

To my surprise, it was a quite simple device. It had a huge voltage transformer to create high voltage so that the magnetron can work,  the cavity magnetron its self that is the core of the oven and a small circuit board for basic voltage regulations. I ripped all the internal equipment so that I can make it lighter ( The voltage transformer was about 5kilos!). Only the chassis was left and some cables laying down.


The time has come for its new life to be decided. So I started examining its characteristics again. It was a small cabinet that you could store something, with a good sealing. It is metal, making it handy hard surface. It has electric supply.. I couldn't image where that could be used for. It could be still used in the kitchen as working place and a cabinet at the same time. But no no, this was no the life that I wanted for it. I thought a bit more, and as I was searching for a pen bellow all these cables on my desk from last night electronics tinkering, the idea came!

Electric supply was excellent I thought! I ripped all the cables out of the box and I was investigating on the switches, where I found the door switch. This is the sensor if the door was opened or not. Next to the switch it was the light that was lit when the oven was working. This could be very handy for internal lighting when the cabinet was open. I made a new circuit and used the switch so that when the door was opened the light was open too.

If this was to be used for electronics, I would need more power sockets. So I took a plastic multi-socket and I adapted on the side of my new ... "MicroLab"! I opened a hole on the chassis and I connected the input of the multi-socket on the main power supply of the oven.

Now the top of the box was left to be modified. A metal white surface would be the best for soldering and analysis place. I made a plan with all my tools that I use and I draw a draft of which would be the best place. I putted the soldering tool away from the rest , and I made a corner with crocodile helper clips. A nice place for multimeter would also be nice I thought.

I took the drill and I started implementing the plan. I took hard wire and I adapted some crocodile clips on them. I found some old plastic caps from the bicycle and I made a base for multimeter. With the hardwire I created a nice stand for the multimeter pens.

Voila! My new MicroLab, all I need in one place, on a heat-safe surface. Plenty of electrical supply for the soldering tool and voltage transformers. And a nice storage for all the electronics-related stuff. It may stopped heating my daily food but it will continue to bombard me with micro-ideas!

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