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HDD Kicker

Posted by sque

Circuit Overview

Last month I experienced one of the worst but most common feeling of people relying too much on computers. I had a hard disk failure. It started with a few bad sectors and like a cancer, HDD became almost inoperable. I used ddrescue to backup the contents of the disk to another one, but quite often the disk stuck, and every following action resulted only to a new entry at /var/log/messages with "Hardware Failure" KQC. The only solution was to unplug the power from the HDD and replug it, so that ddrescue could continue backing up the disk. After 30 times doing this, I understood that due to the frequency of this hardware failures, it was impossible for me to monitor the system and reset hard disk.


Apple Ping Privacy Concerns

Posted by cirrus

After the launch of the new iTunes and the brand new music social network, I decided while trying it, to check out the privacy settings, and what kind of HTTP requests are send.



Posted by sque


Its early morning, I woke up and I crawl to the kitchen. The only thing that comes in my mind is a warm milky coffee! I start making the coffee, and heat up some milk at the microwave oven. I don't know the reason but this would not be an ordinary day for me. Suddenly, the microwave oven does a weird sound, the light starts to flicker and a nasty smell came out of this fucking piece of metal! No warm milky coffee for this day!