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Cables intelligence

Wikileaks started publishing leaked cables from US embassies around the globe. They say that a total of 251,287 cables will be made public. 0x0lab started looking at the contents!!

Most of them are tagged based on classification and subject. It would be difficult and cumbersome to start reading them one by one and trying to find out useful information which may mean something.
As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. First we follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Load all released cables into an RDBMS
2. Create a quick search engine
3. Show the results

Online Cable Search!

All cables are loaded into an RDBMS and the messages are full text indexed. A cable entry in the DB is comprised of:

  1. Reference ID
  2. Origin Embassy
  3. Date created
  4. Date released
  5. Classification
  6. Message

Now that we have all these ready lets start searching for interesting keywords.

Searching for Nuclear

Searching for Bombing

Searching for Globalization

Searching for Recession

Bear in mind that we only have a very small sample of the leaked documents. Proper pattern analysis when the sample is almost complete will yield more interesting results.

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