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HackAri – HackBar for Safari

I've been using the excellent HackBar add-on for Firefox for some time now.

When the new Safari 5 come out, it added the ability to create extensions. I decided to give it a try, by trying to make a HackBar clone for Safari = HackAri.
It is not exactly the same as HackBar, and it has a lot of limitations compared to it (e.g. you cannot resize the request, post data panels). HackAri also does not include the handy MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, etc. menus.
The following functionality is implemented:
- Load URL: Loads the URL of the current tab, includes loading the POST data if the POST panel is visible.
- Execute: Do the request (Can also be done with ctrl-x)
- URL Encode/Decode
- Base64 Encode/Decode
- Show/Hide: Toggles the panels
- Increment/Decrement: Only in numbers
- Make Image: Renders the page as an image and opens it in a new tab (usefull for screenshots)

The toolbar items can be customized by right-clicking in the toolbar and selecting customize toolbar.

I have discovered various bugs, which unfortunately I don't have the time to fix at the moment (e.g. POST data not cleaned, the panels sometimes misbehave with multiple windows, etc.), but will do when I get some time.

The javascript used has been 'compiled' with closure, but I will be releasing the full JS source as well in a few days.

This is not in any way a replacement of HackBar and Firefox. Do use them instead of HackAri and Safari.

Download: HackAri

Posted by cirrus