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Remove http referrer bookmarklet and Safari5 extension

Let's go through the creation of a bookmarklet that removes the http referrers from all links in a page. This has been tested in Safari and Firefox.
This will only work on <a> tags in pages.
Essentially we want to perform the following for all the <a> tags in the page:
Remove all "onmousedown","onmouseover","onclick" events.
Add an onclick event that will point the browser (using document.location) to a data url that contains a javascript pointing the browser (again using document.location) to event.currentTarget.href :).
This way no referrer will be send to the visiting link.
The loop we will need to execute is:

for(var i=0;i<document.getElementsByTagName("a").length;i++){
escape(event.currentTarget.href)+'%27%3B%3C%2fscript%3E%3C%2fhtml%3E';return false;");

Which can be turned into the following bookmarklet: Remove Referrer

Using the same code I've also made a Safari 5 extension which can be downloaded from here: Referrer Remove
The extensions adds a context menu called "Remove Referrer" that can be found by right-clicking on a page.
Note: You will need to enable the extensions.

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  1. You forgot the “document.getElementsByTagName(“a”).length; i++ )” part. Nevertheless good job!

  2. @gtg: oops forgot to replace < with its html encoded counterpart. Should be ok now.

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