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Apple Ping Privacy Concerns

Posted by cirrus

After the launch of the new iTunes and the brand new music social network, I decided while trying it, to check out the privacy settings, and what kind of HTTP requests are send.


HackAri – HackBar for Safari

Posted by cirrus

I've been using the excellent HackBar add-on for Firefox for some time now.


Remove http referrer bookmarklet and Safari5 extension

Posted by cirrus

Let's go through the creation of a bookmarklet that removes the http referrers from all links in a page. This has been tested in Safari and Firefox.

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Bypassing Safari 5 XSS Auditor

Posted by cirrus

Safari 5 was released today and following IE8's move they decided to implement what they call XSS Auditor.


MacOSX Sandboxes

Posted by cirrus

MacOSX Snow Leopard implements a sandbox facility.

According to the sandbox manpage:
The sandbox facility allows applications to voluntarily restrict their access to operating system resources. This safety mechanism is intended to limit potential damage in the event that a vulnerability is exploited. It is not a replacement for other operating system access controls.