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Show hidden fields bookmarklet

Posted by cirrus

Just a quick useful bookmarklet, that shows all the hidden fields in a page.
Just bookmark this:
Show hidden

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Converting an exe file to vbs and back to exe

Posted by cirrus

It is often useful to be able to convert an exe file to a string which will be able to reproduce the exe file. This can be used in a variety of ways (send by email, from an SQL injection, etc.).


Windows simple backdooring

Posted by cirrus

I remember reading this ages ago, and a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a try.
I was amazed to see not only that this works, but that it even works on Windows7. Granted you do need some extra steps to make this happen in the later.


MacOSX Sandboxes

Posted by cirrus

MacOSX Snow Leopard implements a sandbox facility.

According to the sandbox manpage:
The sandbox facility allows applications to voluntarily restrict their access to operating system resources. This safety mechanism is intended to limit potential damage in the event that a vulnerability is exploited. It is not a replacement for other operating system access controls.


Julia Porn

Posted by cirrus

It is spectacular to see the effects of a celebrity making a porn video on the greek internet usage.

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Posted by cirrus

Binger is a simple command line URL fetcher using Bing search. Binger uses DOM parsing to find the URL for the entered search string.

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Posted by cirrus

Googler is a simple command line URL fetcher using google search. Googler uses DOM parsing to find the URL for the entered search string.