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How to stop Google Analytics

Yes I know google owns us, yes I know we are using analytics as well.

What you need:
- a web server
- place the two files in this file in the root of the web server
- edit your hosts file and add this entry (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP of your web server):
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx www.google-analytics.com ssl.google-analytics.com

Now every time you visit an analytics-enabled page, the two files from your web server will be included, and all javascript will be executed properly, but google will not track you.

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  1. thanks!!!!!! i ll stick it into my home DNS server

  2. This is great but it doesn’t work for this site:


    the videos are broken if google analytics are blocked.

    your script must not be complete enough to fix this.

    Can you update your replacement script?

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